On March 8th, Golydn {LISTmember} is hosted a trunk show with NYC-based fine jewelry designer, Selin Kent. As a new designer, this is Selinís first collection and she has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention; she is definitely an up-and-coming designer to keep on your radar. Designed in yellow, rose and black gold, and featuring white, champagne and black diamonds, each Selin Kent piece is fashion-forward and edgy yet incredibly special and easy to wear on a daily basis. Personally, I loved this collection. I have a confession: I am not a jewelry girl. But this collection is perfect for the "non-jewelry girl". Edgy. Sophisticated. Minimal. Here our Q & A with Selin. How did you learn your craft? I learned my craft from a combination of different sources/places. Initially, I started taking classes while I was still at my job as a market researcher. I decided somewhere down to the line to go back to school and enrolled in a 2-year program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which has a very hands on program. I basically spent two year behind the bench learning jewelry fabrication and had some wonderful teachers during that time. To really hone my hand skills, however, school wasn't enough. I spent some time apprenticing with master craftsmen in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. I'm originally Turkish and my family lives there so it was a great opportunity to go back and learn from the masters! Describe your design aesthetic: I would describe my aesthetic as sophisticated, with a bit of an edge. I generally take a "less is more" approach to design, so I strip down everything to its bare essentials. Nothing is unnecessary or over-embellished. My pieces ten to be architectural, geometric, abstract and clean. What is your favorite trend right now? In terms of the jewelry scene, I am enjoying the large ear pieces and ear cuffs. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but I love the bold look. Designing ear cuffs that is both secure and comfortable presents a host of challenges. I'm looking forward to experimenting with designing a few for my next collection if the fad sticks around! What designer do you look up to? Helmunt Lang epitomizes elegant minimalism for me. Where did you grow up? I was mostly raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Apart from that, I spent 6 years of my childhood in Vienna, Austria. Selin Kent's collection is available locally in Denver and online at Golydn {LISTmember}.
Photography by Alison Rose Photography {LISTmember}

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